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Who are we & What we Teach About Ed Parker About John Sepulveda About Tom Graves

Who are we?

Tom Graves is the owner and head instructor at Port Orchard Kenpo Karate. The School has been in business for over 16 years. Mr. Graves has 33 years of martial arts experience and received his 7th Degree Black Belt from Master John Sepulveda. He is also a 3 time international fighting champion.  
Byanca Graves is a Head Instructor and has over 20 years of experience and is a 5th Degree Black Belt. All instructors at Port Orchard Kenpo Karate are personally trained by Mr. Graves. He preserves the integrity and quality of Ed Parkerís American Kenpo.  

What do we teach at POKK? - Ed Parkers American Kenpo

Ed Parker's American Kenpo is the study of motion. How and why our bodies in motion can be natural and powerful weapons. It teaches muscle memory and building spontaneous reactions to attacks. Other benefits of Kenpo Karate is confidence, discipline, exercise and fun memories (those who train in Kenpo know what those memories are all about). It is a nontraditional system that is continuously evolving with today's times. But it not only teaches self defense, it is geared to develop a well rounded student of the martial arts.

 About Senior Grand Master and Founder Ed Parker

Ed Parker is the Founder and Grand Master of American Kenpo. He is recognized as the "Father of American Kenpo" and was the first to open a commercial Karate Studio in the US.

He is well known for his innovative and non-traditional means of studying and training in the Martial Arts. He was a man beyond his time. For more information on Senior Grand Master Ed Parker go to www.akts-js.us.

About Master John Sepulveda

POKK has the privilege of having seminars taught by John Sepulveda 2 to 3 times a year. It is an honor to be a part of his journey in Kenpo and learning from a man who is direct lineage of  Senior Grand Master Ed Parker.

He also hosts various Spirit Camps and is our leader in The American Kenpo Training System Organization. For more information on Master Sepulveda go to www.akts-js.us.


About Senior Professor Tom Graves

Tom Graves has been studying Kenpo since 1979. He has won numerous US Grand Champion Titles in fighting, and was the Champion in Europe.

Although he has been teaching for many years he believes that training in the martial arts is "A life time journey" and "A journey of a life time". He will always consider himself a student in the art and currently trains under  Master John Sepulveda.